In the event that you use a VPS for online and offline programs, you may come across a situation where they don't function correctly as a result of insufficient physical memory. This may occur if you try to run a program that requires more RAM than the amount your package includes, or if you have too many programs and some of them consume all of the memory, leaving no free RAM for the others. Even when you get a powerful package deal, this could happen if you include more apps on the server at some point, and since it's possible that you will require only more physical memory, but not higher Central processing unit speeds or more disk space, we offer a RAM upgrade that you'll be able to use without changing your entire plan. This way, you may pay only for the resources which you really need and you shall be able to avoid errors on your websites caused by insufficient memory and the inability of the VPS to load the programs.

Additional RAM in VPS Web Hosting

You may take full advantage of the RAM upgrade at any time with any one of our virtual private server packages. Provided you know beforehand that you will require more memory, you can add it during the Virtual Private Server order process with a number of mouse clicks. In case you need RAM once your server is installed and operating, you shall be able to add the desired amount just as easily via your billing Control Panel. Because our system is convenient, you'll have the opportunity to order memory in increments of 128 MB, so you could get as much as you require at any given time and you'll be able to add RAM as often as required given the first upgrade isn't sufficient. There'll always be free memory on the physical server where your virtual server is created, as we ensure that the unused system resources shall be ample for any VPS account to be upgraded substantially, regardless if the upgraded feature is the disk space, the physical memory, and so on.